Friday, February 16, 2007

He's here!! He's here!!

Our bean brother is finally here!! Mommy and Daddy brought him home last week! I don't know what Mommy meant when she said he wouldn't have fur... look at his head!! He can be a little scary though.... sometimes he makes lots more noise than us (that's when Jagger goes in the other room!) I think he's okay.... although I wish he would share Mommy's lap...after all, that was MY lap first!! Mommy said eventually everyone would share her lap!

Mommy said it is still going to be tough for her to bring us to the 'puter, since it is two floors down... so once again you may not hear from us for a while....

Everyone take care and we'll talk to you all soon!!
Tyler and Jagger

Mommy's Note: Hi everyone! His name is Ryan Erik and he was born 2/6/07 at 6:25pm. He weighted 8.2lbs and was 21inches long!! He is a little doll! The boys are adjusting pretty good...although like Tyler said, he does take up their time on my lap! But all and all it seems to be going good! We'll try to post again really soon!! Take care!!